Amanda and I have started this page in hopes to bring more couples outside together to enjoy such past times as hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and kayaking.  Although we have know20228259_10211342407414400_4778854542958004561_nn each other for quite awhile, two years ago our paths crossed again while attending a hometown BBQ and well, that is where our journey together began! With both of us now in our forties we feel that we have finally found our soulmates in one another.  We share many interests, values, and life goals that make it easy for us to find common ground when approaching topics or finding resolutions to issues that we face in everyday life.  A huge part of this is likely due to the amount of time that we spend together.  You see, if we aren’t stuck at work you will find us spending our time with one another;  not because we have to but rather because we choose to.We are parents to three boys ages 7, 14, and 19.  Handling the challenges of a blended family means making the most of our time together with them.  Thankfully they also share our love for the outdoors and are willing to “put up” with our constant desire to be outside and on the water.  Many of our videos, pictures, and stories will feature our boys as they take part in our trips.  This time together forms unbreakable bonds and gives us a chance to teach life lessons in a setting that isn’t interrupted by cell phones, video games, or TV shows.As a family we have most of the aspects of outdoor activities covered.  Our oldest son, Justin, is a thrill seeker.  He’s willing to try anything regardless of how crazy, scary, or dangerous it is.  He’s also an aspiring photographer and vlogger. Our middle son, Matthew, is a hunting and fishing fanatic.  Much like the younger version of me he dabbles in chasing pretty much anything that runs, flies, or swims.  An accomplished deer hunter he now has caught the fever for waterfowling and is always looking to check off a new species of duck or goose each fall.  Our youngest son, Jacob, hasn’t quite found his specialty yet.  At 7 years old he still has plenty of time for that though.  For now he’s content as long as he is able to get in the water.  I swear that boy should have been born with a set of gills!!

As for Amanda and I we enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, and outdoor photography.  While we have both grown up chasing all kinds of fish and game the diversity of species that we go after seems to have been refined quite a bit.  That is due in part because of our personal tastes and also due to where we live.  The Coast Guard currently has us stationed in Northern California.  It is tough to find property to hunt big game here so our hunting is mainly for ducks and geese.  This isn’t a problem for me as I consider myself a passionate waterfowler anyway.  For Amanda it means quite a change as it means that we have to purchase most of our red meat from the store rather than harvesting it ourselves.  Kayak bass fishing is what occupies most of our fishing trips.  I have been a tournament angler my whole life and Amanda has recently caught the “addiction” as well.  We participate in monthly online events, local club events, and we also travel the country fishing some of the bigger Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) Trail events and National Championships.  When it comes time to put fillets on the table we head to the ocean.  Rockfish and lingcod are our chosen quarry.  The white flakey meat is hard to resist whether it be blackened or deep fried.

Regardless of our pursuit we always have our cameras and GoPros ready to capture the footage.  That will be a big part of our page here as it’s the easiest way to share our experiences with you.  We hope that you will watch and read about our escapades and let our trips inspire you to get outdoors and have your own adventures with your family or significant other.  Please feel free to drop us a line and share a little about your journeys with us.  We welcome you to be a part of our page.

Matthew & Amanda

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Love, love, love this…and both of you! Can’t wait to live vicariously through you guys. Keep up the awesome work.

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  2. All time fav picture of these two..cant wait to see what happy times come about on this page..hope you find other couples to share your love of the outdoors! M.

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