Our Journey to the End on the Bend – Day 3 Sunday Oct. 29th, 2017

We woke up this morning at 4:30 am to chilly temps and frost on the truck in Laramie, WY.  Today’s itinerary was pretty simple, drive until we found a Waffle House aka: the Awful Waffle!  WH has not made its way to the west coast yet, so we make it a point to stop whenever we head east. We arrived in Denver, Co for our All-Star breakfast platter around 6:30 am!

Other than our gourmet breakfast the highlight of our day was stopping to water and feed a sheep left stranded in a trailer that had a blow out.

We later ran into our new friend again when we stopped to get gas, his owners assured us he had not been left alone long while they ran to get a new tire.

While we were driving through Witchita, KS we did pass the Wicked Witch of the West driving her green Toyota Corolla.  Not sure who she had hanging out the back!

Day 3: Miles traveled – 1218 across 5 states

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